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Learn to Dance Salsa
with Confidence and Style

Discover what’s missing in local classes to quickly become a better salsa dancer, connect with your partner, and instill trust on the dance floor... Danny shares insights from his 13-year salsa journey.


Owner of LA’s Top Latin Dance Academy

I’m a celebrity dance instructor who has trained over 1,000 students 1 on 1 and in small groups, and I help students quickly gain massive confidence on the dance floor. Join my 90 minute live training to get rid of bad habits and strategically accelerate your salsa progress.

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I'll Also Be Covering

My top most
important concept
for improving
your salsa
The top 2

you can do
outside of class 
The top 5
bad habits

salsa dancers
How to get
way more out
of your
local classes

This Webinar Is For You If

_____ want to know what you've been doing wrong all this time feel you're missing the key ingredients to take your dancing to the next level want to feel smoother and more confident on the dance floor
This class is for:
  • On 1 and On 2 Dancers
  • Leads and Follows (Men and women)
  • ​People with a little salsa experience up to pro
This class is NOT for:
  • Salsa dancers who are not committed to improving